A History of Net 153 - Pacific Rim, British Columbia

By Gordon Lewicky, 1:153/307  N153C, 11 Aug/2003

Net 153 has it's home in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada, but from the start was meant to cover the vast expanses of the Province of British Columbia.

It was formed in 1986, only a few years after Fidonet was born, with 3 lonely nodes, 2 in Vancouver City and 1 in Delta Municipality,  all part of what we consider Greater Vancouver.

By the following year, Net 153 had expanded to 6 hubs with 56 nodes. It consisted of BBS's within most of Greater Vancouver, covering Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta, Maple Ridge, White Rock, Port Moody, Clearbrook and Cloverdale. Plus it covered further east up the Fraser River Valley to Abbotsford and Chilliwack. Slowly over 1987 it added nodes in the rest of the Province of BC, Port Mellon, Kamloops, Vernon, Quesnel, Prince George and had a hub in Winnepeg, Manitoba with 5 nodes there.

It was during this year, 1987, that Bob Satti started his BBS, Basic'ly and with his "Mooing Right Along" became a major mail hub for Net 153 and Fidonet.

In 1988, Net 153 expanded to take in Vancouver Island, with a hub and nodes in Nanaimo, which eventually became a Rhub for Region 17. Also in 1988-89, a satellite uplink node was created using Norsat and Net 153 never looked back from then on.

It rapidly increased in size, so that by 1994 it consisted of 11 hubs with 345 nodes. Over the years it had nodes in the Yukon, and in most major settlements within BC. Vancouver Island Nets were spawned from Net 153.

As the Internet became more available in the Greater Vancouver Region, the nodes and BBS scene started to fall off in 1995 and took a serious hit in 1998/99 when cable internet was introduced, and parents readily added it to their cable, just to free up their phone lines which most of  their kids had commandeered for their BBS use.

Below is a yearly summary of Net 153's nodelist history.

Year    NC                       Hubs    Nodes
----      ----------------     ----     -------
1986    Andy Harper          0       3
1987    Bob Satti                6       56
1988    Bob Satti                8       103
1989    Len Boscoe            8       72
1990    Dallas Hinton          6       80
1991    Dallas Hinton          7       157
1992    Dallas Hinton          8       216
1993    Tony Bearman       10      322
1994    Tony Bearman       10      345
1995    Tony Bearman       11      284
1996    Tony Bearman       11      196
1997    Tony Bearman        9       128
1998    Tony Bearman        7       90
1999    Mary-Anne Wise    6       50
2000    Mary-Anne Wise    3       36
2001    Gordon Lewicky     3       32
2002    Gordon Lewicky     3       29
2003    Gordon Lewicky     3       32

Currently, Net 153 is expanding once again, from just Greater Vancouver,  to include nodes in the interior of BC, in Penticton and Quesnel and also has a node in Anchorage, Alaska.